Picture of the event

panoramicasera.JPG (27351 byte)

A panoramic pic of the building were the show has been attended panoramica.JPG (44254 byte) An overview of the show area

acquaportal2.JPG (48273 byte)

Another panoramic pic panoramica2.JPG (40130 byte) In the show!
panoramicaconcorso.JPG (40258 byte) Overview of the guppies area

areaafae.JPG (28918 byte)

The AFAE's area

panoramicadazonaafae.JPG (39659 byte)

Looking the show from AFAE's angle areaafae1.JPG (42112 byte) The AFAE's area again

panoramica1.JPG (51323 byte)

The show

angolodesertico.JPG (38451 byte)

Mexican angle with 37 species of cacti

acquario garb e dci.JPG (31518 byte)

GARB and DCI tanks

area aipc.JPG (41637 byte)

AIPC area

areaafaetematica.JPG (31392 byte)

AFAE 's livebearers tematic section's tanks terrariogarb.JPG (32114 byte) GARB's terrarium
vascaamazzonia.JPG (30690 byte) Amazzonic tank

vascaasia.JPG (34435 byte)

Asiatic tank

vascadiscusgiovani.JPG (35156 byte)

Aquarium with young Discus

vascapescerosso.JPG (34508 byte)

Goldfish's tank

vascatematica.JPG (25106 byte)

"La Luz" biothope's tank (pecilids and goodeids)

vascatematica1.JPG (30184 byte)

"Rýo TeuchitlÓn" biothope's tank (goodeids)

vascatematica2.JPG (32310 byte)

A  miscellaneous Mexican tank (pecilids and goodeids) acquaportal.JPG (43849 byte) Aquaportal

acquaportal1.JPG (43570 byte)