La sezione tematica AFAE Guppy Show in Francia

di Renato Zamboni

On the 3rd and 4th July of this year, the AFV's show has took place at the Charles Pèguy Center on the Golden Island of Amboise. It's an international show consisting of a show guppy contest, a Molly and Xipho's contest and an exhibition of wild livebearers.

The show room was located on the ground floor of the Centre... An impressive sight as soon as you passed the door! On the right there were all the guppies' trios, in front of you you could see  a lot of tanks full of show Molly and Xiphos. A column at the centre of the room was full of wild livebearers' tanks and on the shelves on your left you could see more than one hundred guppies' pairs.

We let Italy on wednesday evening by train, in order to be there the next day, in time to register our fish. Three guys of our team were from AFAE's guppy show section (Michele, Renato and me), Marino were from Milan. We're all IGC members and we partecipated to the show as member of this association.

As I told you before, we arrived to the centre on thursday afternoon after a long travel. We put the fish in their tanks checking their conditions... luckily no one of them suffered during the night. Below you find the list of the italian breeders who sent fish for the show:


Pietro Bolognesi Copparo Ferrara

Galaxy DS disegno fine cat.B

Emeral Wiener DS multicolor cat.B

Snakeskin green spada superiore disegno fine cat.B

HB yellow half black cat.A

HB red half black cat.A

Red Silver solid cat.A

Riccardo Natali Vigarano Mainarda Ferrara

HB white Solid cat.A

Renato Zamboni Sant'Agostino Ferrara

HB yellow half black cat.A

Blu moscow ligth cat.A

Blu moscow hawaian solid cat.A

Emeral wiener mukticolor cat.B

Snakeskin green disegno fine cat.B

Coral red DS multicolor cat.B

Marino Policella Milano

Platinum mosaik albino albino cat.A

Snakeskin green disegno fine cat.B

Diego Montanari Castelfranco Emilia Modena

Half Black yellow coda a picca

Grey multicolor coda a picca

Grey Emerald Wiener spada inferiore

Michele Silvestri Manzolino Modena

Snakeskin green disegno fine cat.B


We booked the thursday's dinner at the hotel... and after a shower we went outside for a beer with some dutch and german friends. At ten o'clock we were already in our bed recovering from the bad night spent in the train. The room was very comfortable and cheap.

Me and Renato woke up early the next morning cause we would like to have breakfast before the long day reserved to fish judgement. I judged both the trios and the pairs... this work took from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. We had a break for the lunch so that I could speak with my friend Alain Grioche from Andorra and all the other french friends even if I never studied french (I speak it only a little). On the saturday morning the results of the contest were ready and we could appreciate the good marks we reached with our fish.

Then we spent the day taping the show, shooting some pics of the city and of the Royal Castle (really wonderful). At six o'clock was scheduled the prize-giving. Pietro won the first prize in the upper sword category, and the french friends gave me a book on Loire Castle thanking me for the judgement.

  The gala dinner were booked at a charateristic restaurant near the hotel. We ate some particular dishes ans we appreciated them very much. On sunday morning we bought some fishes at the auction. Our friends gave us priority to take the fishes cause our train to Paris would leave the Amboise station at  1 p.m. When we arrived to Paris, we checked the conditons of each bag, and refilled them with oxygen so that the fish could be in the better condition to face the travel back to Italy. No one of them died and they're now happily swimming in our tanks.

  Below you find the final classification for the guppies' pairs:


Classifica generale coppie:

1 D/DGDBergner, Jens 159,67 2 CZ/IRIS Sladek, Vladimir sen.159,33 3 CZ/CKCHZRSladek, Vladimir jun.158,00 4 D/DGD Vozdecky, Viastimil157,33 5 IIIGC Zamboni, Renato 155,67 6 F/AFVDesgranges, Jean-Claude155,336 F/AFVMarcant, Patrick155,338 F/AFVSangleboeuf, Jean-Claude154,679 F/AFVVeau, Frederic 154,3310 F/AFVChatenet, Dominique154,0011 FIAFVThierry, Nicole 152,00 11 F/AFV Lacourte, Ghislain152,00 13 I/IGC Bolognesi, Pietro 150,67 13 F/AFVBarbe, Denis150,67 15 FIAFV Coulee, Jean Michel149,6716 I/IGC Policella, Marino148,67 17 F/AFV Petain, Christophe145,6718 IIIGC Montanari, Diego145,33 19 NL/PNL Wilmsen, Altorf141,67 20 F/Indep. Lohier, Julien 140,67 20 l/IGC Natali, Riccardo140,67 22 F/AFVAder, Franck 138,00 23 F/AFV Granger, Yannick 137,33 24 IIIGC Silvestri, Michele 132,67 25 CZ/CKCHZRStafl, Vaclav junior125,67 26 F/AFV Genet, Alain 22,67


Picture of the event