Welcome to this new area dedicated to livebearers. In this site you can find a lot of information about the care, the breeding and the habitats of  livebearing fish. These pages are mainly on Poecilids and Goodeids but we are also interested in other families such as Emiramphidae or Anablepidae.

We would like that this site will become an important source for all the breeders of this kind of fish and also a place where you can meet new friends.

Our aim is to collect informations about livebearers and maintain some species in our tanks preserving themfrom extinction in the wild. In fact a lot of livebearers are in a critical situation in their native countries where theyíre endangered by manís building and also by the climatic changes trough the years.

We hope you can give us a hand to reach our goals.

Any help is welcomed!!!

Now you can go on taking a tour of the site. Remember that it will be updated quite regularly so donít forget us and return for a visit in the future.

( When possible we will also add more informations in English)

Diego Montanari

General informations about the family and breeding infos about some species
General informations about the family and breeding infos about some species
Other families
General infos about the families and breeding informations about some species
Pics and informations from some species ' biothops
Mailing List
(It's free for all livebearers enthuxiast. It's in Italian but English messages will be appreciated and answered by member who speak English.  To join our ML send an email to info@afae.it)
International Meetings
(Informations and suggestions would be appreciated by sending an email to this address)

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