Looking closer… Poecilia sp.endler

Text and Images by Diego Montanari

Here you find some images of Endler’s livebearer. Pictures are both from male and female of this fish. They has been taken using a digital microscope with a resolution of 10X (images of the whole fish) and 60x (for the details).



Overview of male and female of Poecilia sp. Endler. Regrettably the dead male lost his green coloration in the ventral area under the orange band.


I’ll continue now (in cranial-caudal sense) showing some external anatomic details of the fishes:



The first picture show the male’s eye, the second image show the female’s one  


The junction between pectoral fin and the body in male and female



More particulars of the pectoral fin  


Body’s detail in male and female (in the second image you can clearly see the fish’ scales)



The gonopodium. In the first pic I focused the junction with the body, in the second one the body of the gonopodium and in the third one  I focused the fleshy pall at the end of it  


Caudal peduncle of male and female



Details of the caudal rays


The end of the tails in male and female. In the second image you can clearly see the bifurcation of each ray, and that’s even more evident in the following one

Particular of the bifurcation of the caudal rays in an Endler female.