Work in progress

allestimento.jpg (45071 byte)

Sara is keeping clean the show area allestimento1.JPG (44955 byte) Matiu is checking the lights
allestimento2.JPG (36645 byte) Matiu still working on lights for the guppies' tanks allestimento3.JPG (33993 byte) An overview of the exposition, you can also see two interesting "tanks" on the right.
allestimento4.JPG (63544 byte) Renato is squeezing the filter's sponges allestimento5.JPG (33646 byte) Diego is checking the water level
allestimento6.JPG (39137 byte) Maga and Stefano working on the lights allestimento7.JPG (36429 byte) Pietro while he's preparing a tank
allestimento8.JPG (37495 byte) Putting the guppies in the show tanks allestimento9.JPG (39187 byte) The tematic angle without anything yet
allestimento10.JPG (39569 byte) Overview of the show area allestimento11.JPG (29155 byte) Preparing the tematic angle
allestimento12.JPG (33286 byte) Show area on friday evening after the judgement allestimento13.JPG (40045 byte) The GARB's guys in action