La natura si mette in mostra 2004

English translation = Nature show off herself 2004

On the 29th and 30th May of this year, "La natura si mette in mostra" has took place in S.Pietro in Casale (Bologna). This event was dedicated to the Nature and to all its fans, expecially to who love the underwater world . The event has been held inside Sera's factory, who has been kindly offered by Sera, together with all the aquariums and the show guppies' tanks.

Twelve aquarium has been prepared, by some aquaristic association, recreating some particular biothopes from all the world.

Ten lectures has been given from ten different speakers who teached us a lot of things from how works the fitodepuration to an overview of the fantastic world of killifish.

More than 100 tanks hosted pairs and trios of show guppy for the 2nd italian guppy contest, plus 100 more tanks who hosted killies,wild livebearers and guppies not in the contest (also from foreing associations),  for a total of more than 200 tanks!

Below we report the association who helped us preparing an aquarium for the show, sending fishes for the show or sending us a speaker for a lecture:

ACL Acquarium Club Lanterna from Genova, prepared an aquarium with cichlids of the genus Cichlasoma.

AFAB Associazione Ferrarese Arte Bonsai from Ferrara, showed some nice bonsai and some Suiseki's works,  which consists in a zen compostion of stones shaped by nature's .

AFV Associazione Francese Vivipari from France, who sent us a lot of guppies. We would like also to thank Denis Barbč who visited us and has been a judge for the guppy contest.

AIAM Associazione Amici del Mediterraneo, who prepared an eco-aquarium recreating the mediterrean sea using discarded things from the fishing industry.

AIC Associazione Italiana Ciclidofili who gave us an interesting overview of th cichlid's world. Thanks to the speaker Aldo Reggi.

AIK Associazione Italiana Killifish who sent us some interesting killi's species such as Nothobranchius from a recent collecting trip from Mozambico. AIK chairman, Stefano Valdesalici also gave us a lecture about this group of fish.

AIPC Associazione Italiana Piante Carnivore, showed a collection of bogplants, also with some rarities!

DCI Discus Club Italia, prepared a tank with some wild Discus

GAEM Gruppo Acquariofilo Erpetofilo Milanese from Milan, showed us an interesting video concerning the underwater life in the Ticino river.

GARB Gruppo Acquariofilo Riviera del Brenta prepared an african cichlids' aquarium and also a terrarium with some frogs of the genus Dendrobates

GAS Gruppo Acquariofilo Salentino from Puglia, gave us a lecture on Discus. Thanks to the speaker Dr.Francesco Denitto

GAV Gruppo Acquariofilo Discus Verona from Verona, prepared an aquarium with some young Discus and also a kind of nursery-tank with a lot of ancistrus' juveniles and their parents

IGC Italian Guppy Club, helped us to organize the 2nd Italian Guppy Show Contest.

We would like also to thank all the speakers who gave us lectures during the event:

Dr. Fabrizio Malaspina (AFAE) " The fitodepuration in our tanks"

Ing. Giovanni Camera Roda " The importance of filtration in the aquarium"

Dr. Maurizio Lodola (Sera Italia) " The alimentation of guppy "

Prof. Giuseppe Mosconi (Sera Italia) " The health diseases of guppy"

Prof. Massimo Trentini " Nervous perception in the fish"

Dr. Alessandro Cellerino " The genetic of the guppy"

Associazione Ferrarese Acquariofilia ed Erpetologia thanks again everyone who partecipated or helped us to make a succes of this event!

La natura si mette in mostra - Work in Progress

Pictures of the event

The 2nd Guppy Show Contest